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Because we can make the change

Altum Fashion is a fresh fashion design and retail company that aims to change the way the fashion industry operates.

See our core values below to see what we're all about.


we aim to not only make our supply chain better for the environment, but for the people that work in the industry as well.


what we make from your purchase isn't a secret. and what we do with that money isn't secret as well. we strive for trust through transparancy.


the fashion industry is one of the worst polluters on planet earth, and we're here to change that. we promote wearing sustainable clothing wherever we can.


good design is everything. we don't design clothing so that it can't be copied by cheap brands, we design our apparel to look beautiful.


you don't have to work for us to design for us. we're constantly scouting for new talent on social media. we want to give every designer with potential a chance.

Want to see what your money goes to? Find out in the chart below! If you have questions about a specific product, be sure to reach out to us via e-mail.

Altum Company is focussed on good and sustainable design, mainly in textiles. 

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