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Andromeda Logo White.png


Six months of research and design, all paid off every January and June 1st. This is fashion with extreme care and attention for detail.

Andromeda is a sustainable brand. Every piece that's made is sustainably sourced, produced, and shipped. In addition, Andromeda plants fifty trees for every piece sold.

In addition to the semi-yearly collections, Andromeda's General Collection offers iconic pieces that won't go out of fashion for a long time.

Every Andromeda piece is rigorously inspected in their extensive Quality Control programme.

Pink Graphic Shapes


KONCEPT is complicated simplicity, harmony of
shape and colour, and innovation.


With designs ranging the colour spectrum, KONCEPT is bound to have a design for you. Whether you’re doing sports or relaxing on the couch, these pieces keep you comfortable and stylish.

KONCEPT aims to achieve the ultimate style. Flowing with the trends and deviating where possible, as to remain a truly unique and iconic brand.

Green Nature
Narcotic Logo White.png


Be one with nature.

Narcotic features organic, natural designs inspired by or based on nature. with extensive research on flora, geology and atmospheric phenomena, Narcotic shapes an accurate and beautiful representation of the planet we call home.

You can't make designs centered around nature without doing something to help it. That's why all of Narcotic's garments are made from either organic cotton or recycled materials.

HOUSE Logo.png


simplicity is the philosophy, beauty is the goal.

Discover beautiful designs, expertly crafted to blend in.

Wooden Architecture
KN Logo.png


Luxury meets simplicity.

Gone are the days of bright colours, expressive shapes, and the desperation to be noticed.

Kristian Norstead wants you to be you. Offering a blank slate as apparel, for you to fill in with who you truly are, instead of who you want to be.

Be unique.

Be who you want to be, as long as who you want to be...

Is you.

Grunge Texture
Anaerobic logo Final White.png


Blood. Sweat. Tears.


Sport to your heart’s content. It doesn’t matter if you’re running in the park or hitting the gym, Anaerobic has a piece that fits your needs. Whether you need something insulating or something that breathes, this is the brand for you.

Stand out or fit in: the choice is yours.

Never give up on yourself. Find your limits. Extend your limits. Be faster, be stronger, be healthier.

Graffiti Car


Discover your inner rebel with Artista.

Daring, funky, and experimental designs define Artista, making damn sure you stand out from the crowd.

Amsterdam Light Festival
Streets of Amsterdam Logo2.png

streets of amsterdam

AI-powered goodness.

Find yourself at one with the greatest city in Europe with streets of amsterdam.

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